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Maze Grill, Park Walk, London

Maze Grill, Park Walk, London
Gordon Ramsay returns to where it all began 21 years ago after securing the site where his very first restaurant, Aubergine, was founded. This time however, there shan't be any confusion over the name. Aubergine (which held two Michelin stars) was often confused by meat-averse hippie folk in London as a vegetarian joint. I can't imagine that went down well with with the fiery chef and after that fracas, there's been no restaurant name designation of a vegetable since.  Go figure, lol.
Gordon Ramsay's Maze Grill - Steak & Sushi
Maze Grill is said to be a Manhattan styled eatery that serves rare breed steaks along with sushi and sashimi. Today is their soft launch, the restaurant will be open for full service on the 22 April 2015.
The location of Maze Grill is part-way down a quiet residential street in Fulham, just off the busy Fulham Road in London. There is a compression of good eating spots serving local folk and possibly the odd French ex-pat - the affluent French folk are making Fulham home after being priced out of idyllic Chelsea.
Apart from a couple of unsightly rubbish bags out the front, it has a nice modern exterior with the all those familiar topiary plants, a popular outdoor fixture for any modern day restaurant.
Sashimi of Scallop, Salmon & Tuna, Maze Grill, London
There were plenty of staff on hand, who were extremely attentive, very friendly and chatty. They were faultless actually.
The menu is true to the american style dining they were going for. They have sliders, but soft shell crab sliders rather than burgers. Mac n cheese, steaks and sushi. The decor is not so much american but its contemporary and pleasant enough.
I couldn't resist ordering the crab sliders, and the sashimi. You know how it is, both plates easy on the palate, nothing too outrageous. All of the raw fish tasted fresh, it was properly chilled and the scallops have a flair of lemon flavour. I suspect they are trying to stay fairly middle-road in the cuisine, serving food that American folk enjoy but with the GR standard - perfect. It's most probably better than what they serve in Manhattan.
Soft Shell Crab Sliders, Maze Grill by Gordon Ramsay
My crab sliders were put together in crispy paprika batter with pickle and a mayo to cut through the fried crab, sandwich'd together in a sweet brioche bun. The Sashimi came with salmon, scallop and tuna - at 16 quid for starters, it was a little on the high side.

Lamb Chops & Rare Breed Steak, Maze Grill by Gordon Ramsay
For mains I chose a rare breed 28 day sirloin steak from the Lake District turns out its a Belted Galloway breed. These particular cows were grass fed and finished their last six weeks on grain. We also ordered a round of lamb chops. The chops were actually the star plate of the two. 

The steak was decent but had an intriguing floral flavour to it, I mean it wasn't exactly up with the standard of Mash Steakhouse (see my review of Mash), the fat needed more cooking (I mean I'm surprised that fat hadn't browned up more because they were supposed to be cooked on a 400 degree grill) and I remarked to the staff that the chef could have rendered the fat a bit longer but overall it was lovely and they're not trying to be the best steakhouse, they're just serving excellent food with superb service. As for the lamb, it was hands down the best for flavour, texture and it was perfectly cooked. It had plenty of meat to fat ratio, obviously from a very good supplier and cooked perfectly. 
Maze Grill's Quirky Eton Mess, Rhubarb Vanilla Custard Brulee
For sweets there was a twist on the Eton Mess. It came piled in a bowl with a chunky brown sugar and ginger crunch, laced in cream, strawberries and mint, it worked very well and had a bit of heat from the ginger. We also tried the vanilla custard brulee with stewed rhubarb. It was my favourite sweet by far, a tonne of vanilla flavour and enough tartness from the rhubarb to cut through sweet richness of the custard. Both of the desserts were delicious.
Maze Grill park walk is the type of place that you would most definitely want as your treat local eatery. It is priced well and if it were to be in my neighbourhood it sure would be a staple of mine. Simply great.
Model's Inc, Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil pic at Maze Grill

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