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FIVE *NEW* Places to eat Richmond Borough London 2021

  Kia Ora! I hope everyone will be heading out to support local restaurants when we finally are able to do so. Be sure to also check out some new restaurants that opened around 2020 that I'm sure will be looking forward to your patronage in 2021! There are so many wonderful eats in and around Richmond, leave me a comment on youtube if you know of any new places too! It's also exciting to see Bingham Riverside (the old Bingham Restaurant) doing an incredible tasting menu, it is not cheap but after all the lockdown, it is worth a treat if you are thinking to celebrate a special occasion. I am looking forward to seeing this restaurant secure a michelin star some time soon as the food and generous wine pairings were wonderful. Enjoy and see you out there in 2021! Roll on the vaccines and lets get back out there. 5 NEW Restaurants 2021 in Richmond London Chatora in Richmond One One Four in Teddington Salty Restaurant in Twickenham Black Dog Beerhouse in Brentford Bingham Riverside i
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Best Places to Eat in Las Vegas | Good Kai

Best places to eat Las Vegas! Las Vegas, I haven't met a single person who doesn't love this crazy town and although most folk may refer to Vegas as sin city, they'll be surprised to learn that the town we know it as now was partially funded by a syndicate of Mormon bankers post WWII. Something to think about while you enjoy quaffing down endless free alcohol while the casinos carefully lighten your pockets on the tables or pokie machines. I'm not much of a gambler but I do appreciate this city. It is so blatantly faux yet whimsical, its over-the-top, yet it feels grander and than anywhere else in the world and the food is on a level we don't get here in London - huge spaces filled to the brim with patrons and atmosphere and fantastic customer service you only get in the USA. So if you're looking for some of the best places to chow down while in Vegas here they are. Also, check out my short Vegas travel video below. Pancakes - Bacchanal Buffet, Caesars

Antipodea Restaurant, Richmond

Antipodea Restaurant Richmond Its winter, and like any time you come to Richmond, if you continue out of the station toward the bustle of Richmond High St, down the crowded street toward the river on an empty stomach, you'll have little option of finding something truly special unless you walk a little further around to Hill St, one of Richmond's most desirable roads. Here you'll find new restaurant Antipodea. Buttermilk Chicken, Antopedia Richmond Antipodea has three South West London restaurants that entice with Melbourne inspired dining. It's just recently opened in Richmond well into the festive season as such, a large Christmas wreath is fixed to the front window. Inside it is very cosy. There is a definite hygge vibe within Antipodea. Muted colours, modern wooden decor, flora and fauna and a showpiece fireplace sit in the back dining room. There are feelings of wholeness and contentment. We have a seat near the fireplace, it is wonderful. Scallo

The Wigmore Tavern, London

The Wigmore It was an easy decision to go to The Wigmore Tavern at the Langham. With Michel Roux Jnr overseeing the food, it was probably one of my most eagerly anticipated openings this year. Sure it may appear opulent and reserved for the elitists, but don't be fooled, it is open for all and the day we visited,  all were there - from friends to wedding party's, couples to family. Margarita, The Wigmore Tavern, London It was a cold autumn day when we bustled down Regent St toward the tavern. I crossed Oxford St and tried my best to refrain from shouting expletives at the sea of shoppers blocking every possible orifice of walkway that existed to mankind. When we made it inside (a welcomed reprieve) we were cordially welcomed by the staff. As we were shown to the table I noticed the expansive room and its decorative lighting. A large chandelier hanging from the ceiling and equally high windows offering the most delightful view of the Christmas lights over Reg

Stunning Scottish Highlands Holiday | Torridon Scotland

Eilean Donan Castle near Isle of Skye It has been uncertain times here in the UK with Brexit impacting negatively on the pound, it makes travelling overseas just that little bit more painful on the finances. So if you're ever thinking about doing a staycation this year (or anytime) you may want to holiday within the UK this time - up in the Highland's of Scotland. Hubby and I ventured up for nearly a week and decided (rather foolishly) to make it a road trip. The destination? Torridon, one of Scotland's less known about but stunningly beautiful areas up in the highlands. You may want to check it out too so I've put together a wee post about the trip. The Travel Video Road Trip from London, finally reaching the Loch's in Scotland The drive can be arduous once leaving England, lorry after lorry, road works, slow drivers & camper-vans holding up traffic combined with Scotland's unusual speed limits on trucks. If you're happy to go slow

Wilderness Festival | Nuno Mendes Banquet

Nuno Mendes Banquet at Wilderness We made another annual trip to Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire to partake in this year's Wilderness Festival. A four day event that mixes performance art, music, food and much much more, but quite simply it has the best food and drink offerings at any festival (I don't think even Taste London plays host to the famous banqueting tables hosted at Wilderness) I've ever been to, with Michelin chefs often showcasing their ability to hike all their equipment produce etc, 2 hours out of London, to a farm in the middle of nowhere and crank through a service for a couple of hundred festival starved people. Simply incredible. Before the crowd, Nuno Mendes Banquet, Wilderness Festival This year we joined a banqueting lunch from Nuno Mendes, chef at London's most notoriously difficult restaurant to get a reservation, The Chiltern Firehouse. I'm not sure if its still difficult to get in now days but there was a lot of hype around the r

The Royal Oak | Twickenham

I'm always interested in seeing what pub food is being served on my doorstep and after being through a number of uninspired refurbishments over the years, The Royal Oak pub in Twickenham is now under new management by new restaurant/pub group Hippo Inns. For this reinvention they have gone back to the original name and reopened with an exciting new menu in an attempt to attract family style eating.   Medium Steak, The Royal Oak, Twickenham The menu options feature hearty plates of lamb, pork, steak, in-house smoked salmon, (didn't get to try this) a deliciously popular risotto starter and many other new dishes that are proving to be quite a hit - I really enjoyed the gazpacho (if you want a healthy choice).  Two large copper beer tanks overhang the bar @ Royal Oak, Twickenham If you try excavating into one their pork schnitzels (they are large) opt for a lighter starter and pair it with one of the Trumans beers. These beers are a cut above the usual sel