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The Palomar Restaurant, London

Delectable Pork Belly Tagine - The Palomar, London Not the easiest place to secure a booking at the moment if you want a dinner at The Palomar, (there's a two month waiting list for Friday or Sat night dinners) and having been there, I now know its both a combination of having a small premises and a demand for great Israeli food. I've been waiting forever to find somewhere that serves excellent middle eastern food in a modern vibrant environment. The itself restaurant is located in Soho, down a side street by the M&M store in Leicester square so its a great place pre or post theatre. You can do walk-ins but go early (6pm) to secure a time if you are going on a busy night. I tried a walk in one evening but were turned away as other patrons had already taken all available slots. Walk -ins are usually seated at the bar. From what I understand, the restaurant is owned by two Israeli chefs of whom at least one had successful restaurants in Jerusalem. On that success they