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A Cena Restaurant, East Twickenham

It's no question that A Cena is considered to be one of the best restaurants in the borough of Richmond, consistently serving rustic Italian food in a barely luminate setting. What is isn't however, is a traditional Italian haunt. You won't find the menu overflowing with typical pasta classics and a bit of steak on the side. It's more the opposite - plenty of quality produce with a bit of pasta on the side. I actually recall a service once having no pasta items on the menu at all, apart from a Risotto, wait... that's not even pasta. I rest my case. Anyway, to me the food is similar in style to that of Hammersmith's River Cafe, minus the extraordinary riverside location and fabulously bright dining ambience (it is quite dark in A Cena but I think this adds to its own feel). I started, as usual, with the Parmesan fritters, I really need to get a life, I order this every time I go there but they are great and I am usually starving (carbohydrate gremlins).