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Visit to Cornwall | The South West Coastal Path | Holiday

Cornwall. Britain's most southwestern county, rich in rugged landscape, beautiful hidden coves all lapped by stunning turquoise waters. The same hidden coves were once used by Pirates smuggling contraband (wine, spirits and tobacco) after high duties were imposed by the government.

We must be mad heading down on one of the busiest most notorious road trips in all of England but being kiwis (or just plain stupid) we'd never let a bit of distance deter us, we're used to 26hr plane flights to New Zealand after all! This is only our second trip (of many) down to this stunning part of England. The last time we stayed in Rock & biked the Camel Trail from Padstow-Bodmin-Padstow and had pretty bland food from Rick Steins main restaurant in Padstow. To be honest, if you go to Padstow or 'Padstein' as it is consequently known, (due Rick Stein's monopolisation of the towns food & drink venues) just stick to his fish n chip shop - a much better place to eat is Nat…