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Atithi Indian Restaurant Twickenham

Atithi Indian Twickenham If you're looking for a typical curry house for a session meal before the rugby, you might be in for a surprise. You wouldn't have guessed that Indian food could be like this, don't believe me? just watch. There is a level of sophistication in the food that makes Atithi Restaurant one of the best dining restaurants for a popular cuisine this side of London. I'm not going to make any excuses for those of you who find finer dining uncomfortable, when the food is this good you are going to have to just darn well put up with it.  I have been to Atithi too many times to count, and every time I have put my blogging aside because I have been too impatient, wanting to actually enjoy my meal without having to document my experience. Yes, this has been an oversight on my part, but it is a testament to how good the food is here. It is dark inside, so you'll find yourself in quite an intimate environment. Be sure to be asked to be seated furt