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Stunning Scottish Highlands Holiday | Torridon Scotland

It has been uncertain times here in the UK with Brexit impacting negatively on the pound, it makes travelling overseas just that little bit more painful on the finances. So if you're ever thinking about doing a staycation this year (or anytime) you may want to holiday within the UK this time - up in the Highland's of Scotland. Hubby and I ventured up for nearly a week and decided (rather foolishly) to make it a road trip. The destination? Torridon, one of Scotland's less known about but stunningly beautiful areas up in the highlands. You may want to check it out too so I've put together a wee post about the trip.
The Travel Video The drive can be arduous once leaving England, lorry after lorry, road works, slow drivers & camper-vans holding up traffic combined with Scotland's unusual speed limits on trucks. If you're happy to go slow well you'll be fine and dandy but it was a little frustrating. A good way to break up the trip is by staying the night i…