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Best Romantic Restaurants, Richmond & Twickenham, London ♥♥♥

'I took you to an intimate restaurant...'
Here are a list of excellent fine dining restaurants in Richmond and Twickenham, for celebrating anniversaries, valentines, first dates or an intimate dinner.

The Petersham Hotel Restaurant - Richmond

This is one for the grown-up lovers. PHR mixes vintage charm with fine dining topped with one of the nicest views in the borough. You'll have Petersham meadows and the river Thames as a backdrop to your romantic evening. One of two great restaurants located close to the water, what better way to top off your night, than a leisurely stroll along the river Thames.
Petersham Restaurant is located on Nightingale Lane, Richmond, Surrey TW10 6UZ

Le Salon Prive -  Twickenham

This restaurant has eclectic style. This 2016 they are doing a Valentine's menu of four courses for 50 quid plus a glass of bubbles. Its' interior is not your typical of old French Bistrot, its nicer and decorated with pin cushion seating with touches of art deco. If y…

Thai Kitchen at the Prince Albert, Twickenham

This unlikely combination of Thai food meets English pub is unusual - both are quite opposite in temperament, however, after a customer demand for more adventurous pub food at one West London pub almost 20 years ago, the partnership proved successful and has stuck - The Albert is one of a number of Fullers Pubs successfully serving authentic Thai food. 
As we went to walk in the Saloon door, we were suddenly confronted with one of the 'resident patron's' being force-ably removed from the pub. Apparently he lingers all-day and night, sometimes sneaks behind the bar and even rubs up against other patrons! I guess the proprietor's patience was exercised too far that night and when your time's is up, its up! Fortunately, it was just the resident cat being put out for the night. I managed to capture a pic of him after his unceremonious eviction, he was not impressed...
If you're not a regular at the boozer it is slightly disconcerting walking through a wall of patr…