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The chap behind successful restaurant chain Las Iguana's is opening a new Caribbean styled restaurant just a few train stops from Twickenham, in Staines (Upon Thames). This was a fantastic opportunity to check out eats on the other side of my normal route, and on this occasion with fellow foodie blogger The restaurant's food takes influences from all around the Caribbean so there is a real eclectic element to their menu.

After a wee trek around staines High St, ok we got lost, but we made it in plenty time to enjoy a few cocktails before tucking into a banquet of their dauntlessly spiced food.  It really blows me away at how these folk set up these restaurants, hire and train staff in record time and above all manage to fit out the restaurants with fun atmosphere and great food at reasonable prices (Turtle Bay reackon you can get decent caribbean based cuisine & drink, fun atmosphere for around 20 quid).

Firstly though, as a priority of course, I need t…


I'd been meaning to visit Hix for a while now, since dining out at one of Soho's most suave steakhouses, Mash (who happen to have the biggest selection of USA wine in the country) its just a short trek across the road on Brewer St, from Hix. You will need to book if you don't want to sit at the bar and eat but to be honest, bar eating is more entertaining and staff are usually very chatty. We opted to eat bar side. I was pleasantly surprised how the barstaff knew a lot about food, and I mean a lot - these guys weren't regurgitating a script, they were food fans themselves(?).

Inside its a bubbling atmosphere, neon lighting with purple, crimson overtones and interesting displays of sea life with a pink flamingo in full flight overhead. I have been on a oyster hunt lately after indulging in some of the best oysters I've had in Whitstable (you can't beat NZ Bluff oysters though) so I continued in that vein and got a half dozen. Hix incidentally have an oyster bar…