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Earth Ale Brewery Dinner

It's not everyday you get a Michelin trained chef turn their hand to manufacturing craft beer and cocktails, one who literally forages food from the paddock to the plate. Alex Lewis has taken it upon himself to harvesting his pickings whether it be from Douglas Fur to make pine oil, or pulling up field mushrooms for his 'Snack, Land or Sea' menu. It seems Alex who started Earth Ale Brewery is passionate about all things nature and this theme runs throughout an evening where I'm given the chance of discovery through his 8-course dinner menu at The Bedford pub in Balham.

The menu is to be paired with a selection of beers and cocktails, created by Earth Ale themselves. I'm excited for both the food and drink and am definitely intrigued about how it will pan out. I will disclose that this meal was complimentary - but as you are about to find out I am always honest with my assessment.
We arrived at the venue for the evenings dinner service, now in retrospect it wasn't…

How to Love Wine

People with moral judgement sometimes take the pleasure out of drinking wine, at the end of the day it is really your own taste that matters.

Ban Thanh Vietnamese Restaurant, Twickenham

Ben Thanh are relatively recent arrivals to the restaurant scene in Twickenham and have only been serving authentic Vietnamese Pho (pronounced 'fuh') for less than a year. It is a welcome addition to the town and if you have never tried Pho (a more-ish noodle soup that can be served with meat, tofu or seafood) it is well worth a try.

Checking your options you will find that some of the food at Ban Thanh in fact is quite healthy, but is also very satisfying. For anyone who is on a diet and struggles trying (like me) to keep the calories down when going out to a restaurant for a meal it is perfect, for example the summer spring roll is lettuce based (no carb), with prawn (bit of protein), but has strong herbaceous flavours so you don't feel like you're going without (going without food always makes me hangry).

The night we were there it was a week out from the Rugby World Cup and, as in the rest of Twickenham, it was unusually quiet. But we did have the dining company …

Seafood in the Sun at St Malo, Brittany, France

St Malo was an easy choice for us as a little get away from London. I mean you could take the overnight ferry but we thought it much quicker to fly, it's just an hour from Stansted so we decided why not.

St Malo is located in the north western side of France and is a very picturesque old town secured behind the walls of a fortified city with plenty o' sea vistas. It also has one the highest concentration of restaurants for per area in Europe. It is really a foodies haven at the least, but St Malo also has a rich history and at one stage was a port magnet for Pirates. It also has great shopping with loads of pretty boutique shops.

As mentioned, there are plenty of restaurants. They specialise in seafood and we were particularly impressed with one particular place called L'Ancrage on Rue Jacques Cartier (incidentally this road is named after the Famous French explorer who was instrumental in migrating the original French settlers into Canada). This is truly a great place to…