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Barrafina Tapas Restaurant, Soho, London

Octopus with capers and chorizo with potato - Barrafina, Soho, London If you've ever been to Barrafina before and haven't bothered organising a table anywhere else, you'll find it really hard to resist getting the nearest cab and high-tailing it to one of their three eateries to enjoy some of the best tapas around. We'd just finished watching the latest round of pool matches for the Rugby World Cup in a great little Irish Bar - Philomena's, with some of London newest tech stars -  Kimono . It has to be said that Barrafina is one of the 'no reservation' restaurants where yes, you will find yourself questioning why on earth you'd decided to stand in a queue under bright lights, in a cramped space with people literally eating in front of you, just to get some solace of warm food. However, if you persevere and exercise a little patience, maybe enjoy a Rioja or two while you wait, you'll be ushered up to the next available seats at one of UK's b

5 Top Christmas Gifts for Foodies

The Kilner Drink Dispenser What's the best thing about Christmas? It could be opening presents on Christmas morning, bratwurst and beer at the Christmas markets in Hyde Park or family and friends on Christmas day. Whatever your favourite thing, I'm not sure about you, but I always spend plenty of time cooking and preparing for the Christmas dinner and these kitchen must haves definitely make that Christmas period easier and extra special. These are proper great gifts for him and her foodies and not one rubbish filled Hamper in sight! Buy for  £ 107.00 1) Wusthof Kitchen Knives I have a set of four Wusthof knives and sharpener but this starter set of three is a bit easier on the pocket. They are pricey but last forever and these knives are also used by Michelin chef Raymond Blanc - even though he wont actually mention this. Amazon sell the above set of three  £ 107.00 Top French Chocolate from - Valrhona Buy for  £15.00 2 K