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Mosaico, Whitton

Sicilian Salami Platter, Mosaico - Whitton UPDATE: Since writing this blog Mosaico have updated their pizza menu and unfortunately the size of their pizzas have now halved without a price reduction. I'm not sure if this is a mistake but I will be trying to contact them to find out more and if what we experienced was just a once off error. I've been popping in to Mosaico for sometime now, an Italian cafe/restaurant located across from the station on Whitton High Street, and while I enjoy their food, it appears to be taking sometime for the Whitton folk to appreciate how good and genuinely Italian the food is at Mosaico. Despite this, they are now gaining more adopters and hopefully more momentum because as I have discovered, the food is different and worth checking out. At Mosaico, you can get Sicilian salami served simply, with olive oil, a few cherry tomatoes, a few greens and a delicious pizza bread.  They have a nice beetroot salad - also quite simple, and if I'

Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire, UK

Main Stage, Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire Boy were there a lot of blurry eyed folk on Monday morning after the last night of festivities at this years Wilderness festival. It is no wonder. The people behind the festival tout it as a weekend of revelry and rest - equal amounts of outdoor leisure with late night partying, seems legitimate. Although what attracted me to this particular festival was the line-up of literary art, theatre, talks and debates, culinary experiences and so much more and topped up with headline, act Robert Plant. David Bowie Tribute, Wilderness Festival The festival is positioned next to a landscape of small lakes and valleys, all contained within 1700 acres of land, forest and family home of the Rotherwick family also known as The Cornbury Estate in Oxfordshire. It certainly made for interesting camping as a lot of the sites were sloping and I battled gravity most nights, just trying to prevent myself from sliding out the tent door. Great wea

Oysters in Whitstable, Kent

The Lobster Shack, Whitstable This is my second visit to Whitstable after more or less writing off any chance of getting haute oysters in the UK, (being from NZ home of the world re-noun Bluff Oysters) but thankfully after trying these earlier in the year I've been a fan of Whitstable oysters ever since. They're just how I like them, white meaty flesh with oodles of liquor. Whitstable Oysters from The Lobster Shack, Whitstable It's particularly busy on the occasion as it is during Whistable's oyster fest, an annual event celebrating their coveted oysters. I however, still make my way to the best spot to enjoy oysters - The Lobster Shack. It is tucked away behind most of the main thoroughfare, and despite this, it still manages to pull a sizeable crowd. Lobster Shack has a no thrills approach, they have shared bench seating as well as outdoor eating with lovely views out to the water. That's because its all about fresh seafood.  Enjoying bubbles a