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Twickenham Ladies - How to Make Pasta

Hello everyone, we're back for another round with the Twickenham Ladies, today the gals myself, Saga, Clare, Cristiane and wee little Owen enjoy Italian cuisine. Moving on from our xmas luncheon of last, we had on this especially grey day in February, planned a day of pasta making. The venue was once again at our Scandi's (Saga) casa, joined by her lovely Sardinian friend and today's 'pasta mentor', Gemma. Saga had prepared some authentic delights direct from Sardinia. Firstly, Bottarga (a cured fish roe) and salsiccia (sausage), the later from Gemma's very own family farm in Sardinia together with Castelvetrano olives and Parmesan cucumber bites. We had two pasta machines - your's truly took along her not-so-trusty pasta machine, this was eventually discarded as it turns out that it makes very wonky pasta, nothing to do with the operator at all... (not! lol) errr, a total manufacturing defect. We started on the pasta dough. This was a real lab