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Korean Food Tasting Menu with Gizzy Eskrine

I was lucky enough to sit down to a six course tasting menu with the lovely Gizzy Eskrine (British Chef and TV personality) at the worlds most revered food festival - Taste London. There were 12 of us lucky punters who were treated to a six course menu of Korean style food. On hand throughout the meal was Joe McPherson (pictured), a Korean food writer and expert based in Seoul. He had a tonne of information on everything food, and an all-round great chap and he also did a great blog on London taste so be sure to check out his twitter at the bottom of this post. We were presented dishes from Gizzy who explained each one and also gave tips on how they were prepared, I really like this. The fact she granted us capable of cooking these wonderful dishes ourselves was, kinda flattering. Aww go on then, maybe I could cook up the Korean Chicken and the sashimi. Gawsh they were good! Wait, and the tuna sushi. Yes, I could make this, gulp, I hope.. On with the food below! Hot Splash S

Brouge (The Old Goat), Restaurant, Pub, Twickenham

Figs wrapped in ham with goats cheese  Updated VIsit: So this is another post on visit to Brouge which is more recent and I ate outdoors so I could get decent pics, my original write up is below and mentioned it was quite dark on my first visit. It's definitely an indulgent place to eat with these parma ham wrapped figs with goats cheese (you can't see the goats cheese but its definitely in there). They are good hearty servings, the figs  and the baked cheese and pastry tart (de-constructed) below were both starters with ample on offer - so very good value with these meals.     Baked cheese with pastry The chic geek had the Fish pie as a main on this visit and I must admit on the day, it was the better of the two mains. I had the mussels previously and they hadn't been de-bearded very well on this occasion and weren't as good as my first visit and looked a little messy when presented. But the fish pie was deliciously creamy and cheesey with a typicall

Bumpkin Restaurant, Chelsea, London

Kia ora, so finally after weeks of waiting I hit this popular Chelsea eating spot, this time with an entourage of London-town Food Bloggers! Now if you haven't guessed already it was an event organised by leading restaurant commentators, Square Meal, and the lovely folk at Bumpkin restaurant. Although this was by invitation, (hint: I didn't pay zip, nudder, null) to be honest, I totally lucked-out here. Bumpkin is exactly the place I love to eat, and exactly where I would normally go had I known about it previously and for that I am grateful to Square Meal in choosing to invite me along :). The folks at Bumpkin had us seated at a table in their secret garden patio, this is tucked away to the back of the restaurant. The restaurant location itself is within decent walking distance of South Kensington and Sloane Square stations, the street is off Kings Rd and Fulham Rd in Chelsea. Bumpkin are also all about British food and use the best ingredients