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Best Italian Restaurants Richmond and Twickenham

La Luna Di Luca, Richmond With the London marathon only weeks away and summer just over the horizon, thank gawd! Finally we are starting to enjoy some sun filled days, even if it is a little chilly. On that note, I thought it would be a perfect timing for any carb loading folk to find out the best Italian restaurants in Richmond & Twickers. Its no secret pasta is the perfect fuel, but its not limited to runners, cyclists also need a fair bit of fuel too, and I just love pasta anyway sooooo, everyone wins! In regards to proper Italian food - I suspect most of y'all think any truly authentic Italian restaurant is best found in Italy, well you'd be right if you understand that it is all regional based. It might be hard to believe that Italian food culture we see today was actually developed post WWII, when parts of Europe went through an economic boom, including Italy. The only food that is traditional (used 100 years) and is still used today is polenta. There's an i