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Restaurant's ripping off their staff

It's long weekend as I write this and for this food blogger it's been a few weeks of disappointing restaurant visits for which I can't comment more on, as I'd decided long ago that I would only post on restaurants that were currently performing well. As a consequence I am sometimes left short as far as reviews go so as to keep with my weekly post I figure I would put together a montage of other things I had been up to during the month.  Deep fried ravioli, Tomato Bruschetta - Jamie Oliver, Richmond I'm not sure if you are aware of the restaurant's out there that had been pocketing 100% of their waiting staff's tips, (I think this is appalling) this includes any cash tips you may have thought you were slipping your waiter/waitress. Of the restaurants that had been named -  Cote Brasserie, Pizza Express and Giraffe , only Giraffe has since reversed their policy and now give tips to their staff. I suspect there are quite a few more restaurants that ar

Ceviche, Soho, London

Deep Fried Seabass & Salmon Steam Buns, Ceviche, London If you haven't tried eating Peruvian or South American styled food yet, now might be the time if you like to stay ahead of the food game. I tried Ceviche's sister restaurant Andina last year and was blown away with the assault on the palate of flavours and textures that I'd not had before. Andina, however is unfortunately all the way over in Liverpool St, cool if you're in that part of London, but for us south west inhabitants its a pain in the rear orifice to get there. Thankfully though the same folk have another eatery in Soho, London (and Old St) so we went for some much deserved bar styled eats after stupidly deciding to go shopping on Oxford St (If you're not from London you won't understand) one Sunday arvo, (Sunday is sometimes the best time to hit top London food joints as the popular places are a bit quieter and you can sometimes score a deal or two).  Tiradito Apasionado, Salmon with p

The Hampton Pub, Twickenham

The Hampton Pub, Hampton Set on the outskirts of Twickenham, The Hampton Pub had undergone an extensive refurbishment since its day as one of South East England's worst performing pubs - The Court Jester.  Now it is much improved, and this is largely due to Hampton's new Manager and Head Chef Geo Bassani Lima. Geo has over-seen a significant increase in sales during his tenure and what better way to let the folk know by inviting Richmond Borough's most awesome, best, friendly, model-esque Food Blogger along.... I'm kidding, I'm kidding.... I of course cover Twickenham Borough as well. haha. The Hampton Pub, Gourmet Night Geo got in touch and suggested the chic geek and I come for a night that showcases some of his food with an evening of music and dance (dancing optional), Hampton Pub's very own gourmet evening. The pub itself is off the beaten track but is quite easy to get to - public transport is almost directly outside, and its an easy Uber r

Imperial China Restaurant - Teddington

Imperial China Restaurant, Teddington I must admit firstly that most Oriental styled restaurants in London don't have the best reputation for service. I recall the Chinese restaurant, Wong Kei, in Chinatown reputed as being the most rudest restaurant in London, heck I even had friends who recommended a visit purely on the pretence that you would be mistreated.  Dim Sum start Platter, Imperial China, Teddington I won't say Imperial were quite as bad but the service can be a lot left to be desired. They are a little hit and miss but I always try to visit places a few times to ensure consistency, and yes the service was consistently hit and miss. lol, but mostly the staff were good even if they do have an unconcerned attitude. Prawn Dim Sum, Deep Fried Prawn The pricing at Imperial can be a little tricky and the dim sum appetiser for two people is listed as 8 pound but actually costs 16 quid, This is overpriced considering half of them weren't even dim sum.

Atithi Indian Restaurant, Twickenham

Pre-starter Atithi, Twickenham I've been coming to Atithi regularly for years now and I am fairly resolute it's the best Indian restaurant in Richmond and Twickenham, and in case you are wondering... yes I have tried Tangawizi <rolls eyes> but their service is too rushed, the food is very good, although its not the standard of Atithi, but I do appreciate Tanga's fun atmosphere and a slick dining room, its just their service puts me off every time. Crispy Butterfly'd Prawn Starter, Atithi Twickenham So here we are, back at Atithi again, with another load of hubby's family, this time from the other side of the gene pool. Atithi is in a convenient spot in Twickenham on York St where London buses literally stop outside the restaurant, so we introduced our guests with an obligatory pint or two at a local Twickenham pub, then piled them on to a bus with promises to deliver on 'that curry restaurant' they'd been hearing about from other fami