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Antipodea Restaurant, Richmond

Its winter, and like any time you come to Richmond, if you continue out of the station toward the bustle of Richmond High St, down the crowded street toward the river on an empty stomach, you'll have little option of finding something truly special unless you walk a little further around to Hill St, one of Richmond's most desirable roads. Here you'll find new restaurant Antipodea.

Antipodea has three South West London restaurants that entice with Melbourne inspired dining. It's just recently opened in Richmond well into the festive season as such, a large Christmas wreath is fixed to the front window. Inside it is very cosy. There is a definite hygge vibe within Antipodea. Muted colours, modern wooden decor, flora and fauna and a showpiece fireplace sit in the back dining room. There are feelings of wholeness and contentment. We have a seat near the fireplace, it is wonderful.
The food is Australian, the menu is delightful and diverse, there's duck broth, barramun…

The Wigmore Tavern, London

It was an easy decision to go to The Wigmore Tavern at the Langham. With Michel Roux Jnr overseeing the food, it was probably one of my most eagerly anticipated openings this year. Sure it may appear opulent and reserved for the elitists, but don't be fooled, it is open for all and the day we visited,  all were there - from friends to wedding party's, couples to family.

It was a cold autumn day when we bustled down Regent St toward the tavern. I crossed Oxford St and tried my best to refrain from shouting expletives at the sea of shoppers blocking every possible orifice of walkway that existed to mankind. When we made it inside (a welcomed reprieve) we were cordially welcomed by the staff. As we were shown to the table I noticed the expansive room and its decorative lighting. A large chandelier hanging from the ceiling and equally high windows offering the most delightful view of the Christmas lights over Regent Street. 'Not bad', I thought.

A waiter came and we order …