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The Crown Twickenham

Smoked Haddock with Risotto, The Crown Twickenham
Boy has it been a mission trying to reserve a table at The Crown. I've obviously been leaving it too late - every time I have tried to secure a Fri or Sat evening reservation, there have been none, two days out. It is especially hard if there is rugby on, sooooo, if you want an evening meal here at a popular time or even a weekend lunch you may have to book a week out. 

I have been a regular here at The Crown for a few years now, I played tennis not far from the pub and would often hobble down, post game, for a well earned refreshment and a meal. When I first arrived in Twickenham around 7 years ago, The Crown was under different ownership and was run down, apart from the odd decent Jazz band passing through, it wasn't thriving. However, since then it has been completely re-furbished from top to bottom, has been running under new management for a few years and is now one of the best run Pubs in the area, and their have serious…

Gigantic Pizza, New York

However, the places we do go, were fantastic. First up is the amazing Pizza joint we went to under the Brooklyn bridge (Brooklyn). We were I guess a bit optimistic ordering this large white styled Pizza in NYC, and I managed to eat two slices while the Chic Geek ate double my lot, we didn't do too bad. It was great tasting, the base - and they do this with pasta, they call it a white sauce, its basically olive oil and loads of garlic. This was topped with lashings of mozzarella and Italian sausage.
We spent some time walking the Brooklyn bridge and taken the Ferry Over to Staten Island - this city really doesn't sleep. The Ferry runs every half hour, 24/7 and it is free but you may to be mindful as there were a lot of folk who don't have the benefits of regular housing and were using the ferry terminal as shelter. Don't blame them because it was freezing in NYC and the terminal was very clean, spacious and warm.
French Tapas - I Love Buvette, Waffle with bacon & eg…