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Lupita, London

Selection of Tacos, Lupita Mexican Restaurant Lupita is like an up market Taqueria, a place that serves 'authentic' Mexican street food but in a vibrant, bustling atmosphere. Lupita, along with most places in London you can be accommodated very well with no bookings but there can sometimes be a wait, great if they have a bar but Lupita don't - so..., as in any 'eatery' (-that 'word' is for you Giles Coren) with half a reputation for good food, be prepared to wait (we waited 20 mins). You can always make good by ordering a drink in the meantime and perusing the menu. Campechano, Grilled Steak topped with puffed pork crackling - Lupita, London Guacamole, corn chips & Margarita - Lupita, London If you're anything like me and love warmed soft mini tortillas with an assortment of different meats, sauces, flavours and textures you will be in heaven here. Just don't be a numpty like me and order everything your eye fancies because they a

Amazing Wood Fired Suckling Pig

Wood Fired Suckling Pig It's been a crazy few months with the World Cup Rugby based in Twickenham and as a consequence dining out has been erratic but I figured I'd upload a medley of some of the places we ate at along the way. With the rugby finally over I can get back to some sort of normal routine, but it kicked off with England having an early exit from the competition. A shame that, that evening we went to a dinner party and had an amazing suckling pig with some friends who cooked the pig in their outdoor wood fired oven. Incredible flavour and meat falling apart. I took along a warm kumara salad with feta cheese and sweet balsamic that same evening - see below. All in all it was sad to see England out so early but I was delighted The All Blacks proving why they deserve to be world champs again and winning the final convincingly. Warm Kumara & Fig Salad with Goat Cheese, Outdoor Wood Fired Oven with the Suckling Pig While the rugby was on I finally ate at