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Steins Bavarian Beer Garden, Richmond Riverside, London

Erdinger Wheat Beer, Steins, Richmond Riverside Stein's is probably one of Richmond's best kept secrets. It's located further down the riverside, away from the summer crowds basking on the grassy banks next to Richmond Bridge. Being German it is popular with Richmond's ex-pat community who live mostly in Ham and enjoy a nice cycle ride in. We've been coming to Stein's a bit this summer as its the perfect place to enjoy sunsets, a quiet pint and a schnitzel. Steins on Richmond's Riverside - Thames River, London It is quirky and unconventional - there is only one loo and it is outside, also, you can't order a beer without ordering food first, and you need to carefully read the menu. If you can get over that, it is one of the few places in Richmond that you can enjoy eating riverside without breaking the bank. Richmond council has very strict rules around licensing on the river and has stopped any further developments on the riverside. Schnitze

The Fox and Hounds, Surrey

The Fox and Hounds, ample outdoor seating I've been to the Fox and Hounds a few times and it is a must do day out for anyone on the west side of London who fancies a walk in the Royal Park and a visit to Savill Gardens. Even then the restaurant itself has enough merit to warrant a day trip out there alone but for me, I recommend staying close by at the Savill Court Hotel & Spa because it is very likely that you will end up wanting to stay and enjoy a few beverages, it's an easy walk down the road to the hotel - which is five minutes away, and there is a Spa to enjoy also. I would suggest, however, to do a mid week stay as the Hotel is popular with wedding parties in the weekends esp. during the summer months - the normally tranquil spa gets overrun by excited bridal parties donning slippers and gowns.  The Fox and Hounds, Horse Feed and Facilities You might find a distinct difference when you venture out of London to a place like Fox & Hounds or any of the

Prawn Cerviche - A La Ecuador

Cerviche a la Ecuador with Popcorn (yes, that's popcorn) Last week in London we had a heat wave where temperatures rose to around 38 degrees Celsius, I suppose if you've ever visited an especially hot climate you wouldn't have found it too unbearable but for us ones who have adjusted down to the British weather it was quite a struggle. Cerviche (bowl top left), Popcorn, Pickled Onions (top right), serving of cerviche (bottom)  As you may be aware in my previous post we have family visiting from Florida and NZ and we've been enjoying eating at a few pubs and drinking beer, a lot of beer. So when my sister in-law decided to make this great healthy dish, it was a welcome reprieve from all the unhealthy eats we'd been consuming. My sister in-law, lives in Florida but is originally from Ecuador, and managed to rustle up this dish after heading down to popular Twickenham Fishmongers, Sandy's, for a supply of seafood for her Prawn Cerviche. This particular

Summer in London, Pubs, Street Eats and more

Boats on Richmond Riverside, Erdinger from Steins - Richmond Riverside At the moment I have family visiting from Florida and New Zealand and have been busy out and about in London town, enjoying some street eats and pubs along the way. I was able to get my hands on the highly rated Bleecker Street Burger - one of the most recommended burger eats in London. I wasn't expecting much as it looks very plain - its obviously an unassuming burger because it was actually delicious. I really can't explain what makes it so special. Maybe its the quality of the meat, the flavour, the condiments, the bun? I don't know, but it tastes incredible. Their fries have an equal occult-like status - I would definitely recommend having these as well. I can't say that it beats the Piggy burger from Bar Boulud but I can understand why folk rave about it and it is definitely one of the top street food burger's I have ever tried. Bleecker Street Burger, Hyde Park London Also I