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Tenerife, Canary Islands

It's a short get away and great way to get some sunshine in the middle of winter with only a four and a half hour flight from London. It was fairly mild when we went late January - around 20-22 degrees celsius. We headed for the Costa Adeje on the south coast of Tenerife and pitched up at a lovely hotel - Gran Tacande close to the beach.

We arranged a day tour of the island that took us around half of the isle. I was surprised at the geographical diversity, Tenerife is basically a volcanic island with quite a dramatic landscape and a micro climate - some parts of the island can be shrouded in mist while other areas like the South will be sunny and warm.

At the centre of the island is Mt Tide and an absolute for folk to visit which is in the Tiede National Park, as is the Masca Gorge which has stunning vistas. It is a cliff-hanging ride through the valley to Masca but well worth it.

South Tenerife where we were based is a popular tourist spot that is looking a little dated now but…

Prawn Dog with Pisco & Sriracha Mayo

I was inspired recently after being told by a friend that they'd tried fresh prawn hot dogs on a recent trip to Iceland and seeing though we are nearing spring, I figured this would make an ideal sunny day eat. After not being able to find anything similar in this side of London I decided to create my own recipe, with a twist of pisco. I'm also going to have my seafood dog with something I think will go really well with the freshness of seafood and brioche bun - champagne (or bubbly), for a bit of summer fun. Now we have a complete meal.

I love bubbly, and think it is one of the best drinks you can have with food just like this, and I think Australia (yes I know I'm a kiwi but Aussie wine is good too) do some very good bubbly's. So with this dish I'm going to go with a Jacob's Creek bubbly, you can get it from most supermarket chains. If you wanted something a little sweeter you could make this into a mimosa by adding a very good quality orange juice (I always…

St Patricks Day Celebration Food

St Patrick's Day Shot, Green Linguine 
Here's a fun St Patrick's day meal that not only looks great, it tastes great as well. This pasta is made with basil, garlic, parmesan and roasted pine nuts. Couple this with my St Paddy's cocktail shooter, your friends will be begging for more! If you've never layered a cocktail shooter before, don't despair as I have all the steps to help you through.
Firstly, to wet your appetite and greet your guests, this addictively good cocktail shooter only requires two ingredients. A simple Baileys liqueur layered over Creme De Menthe. Please, please, please - one of the biggest mistakes I see people do all the time with this cocktail is make it with Midori. It is NOT made with Midori <sigh> it is made with Creme De Menthe. You can get Creme De Menthe from any shop that sells liquor, and in the UK Sainsbury's stock it.

St Paddy's Day Cocktail Shooter
Creme De MentheBaileysFill half to two thirds of a shot glass with C…

Mash Steakhouse, London

Mash are said to have the best parts of a real American steak house tradition. Basically what this means in layman terms is that they serve BIG Steaks. On top of this they claim to have five star service with breath taking interiors and the biggest selection of American wine outside of the US. Soooo, I'm obviously intrigued to find out just how much walk these guys can talk. I've tried a few of these new American steakhouse restaurants with little success. Often overwhelmed, inexperienced staff serving dried out ribs with one dimensional barbecue sauces for unsophisticated palates. Yes they have lovely interiors but beyond that not much substance. No pressure then.

So again I will try, but this does come recommended by the team at Zomato. I'll do my best to keep an open mind. Grumble grumble.
Its a lovely spring day and I head into Soho with my partner in crime, the Chic Geek. This is a sponsored visit so I have pre warned my companion that there is to be none of the usual g…