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Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Chelsea, London

IT STARTS as soon as you pull up outside Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, the service, that is. Staff are with you every step, at your beck and call, although there's no need to beck or call - they're always one step ahead. It may be disconcerting for some folk but if you've not experienced 3* service before, relax, enjoy it, don't fall into the trap of thinking this type of place is only frequented by fancy folk who think they're the above it all. It's a place where people are celebrating and enjoying themselves. GR has a cosy, simple and relaxed ambience, not an opulent over the top dining room as you'd expect for a 3 Michelin restaurant. It's welcoming.

We arrived in perfect timing for our booking and were greeted with smiles and 'hello's' by numerous staff as we were shown to our table.
I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few tables already occupied considering our booking was quite early at 6.30pm.
We were handed the menus, I had already br…