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Jamie Oliver, Jamies Trattoria, Richmond

We decided to try Jamie's in Richmond as a last minute decision. Firstly we peered through the window and saw it was busy, glanced over the menu and figured we'd give it a shot. To be honest we weren't expecting much different from your usual Zizzi or Pizza Express. We were wrong. It was buzzing, people were enjoying themselves and the food being served was a hefty notch or two above the norm. 
From what I could see was being served, the food looked great. We had to wait for a table because we hadn't booked. But that was fine, we perched at the bar and ordered drinks, including one of Jamie's very own bespoke beers. To be fair it was the only beer available, very smart Mr Oliver, very smart.

Staff were friendly, and accommodating. Once seated we ordered a round of tapas - not my favourite style of eating purely because that means I have to share, and if you've seen my review on The Duke in Richmond you'll see why. But alas, we ordered crispy squid, picante sa…