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Franco Manca Pizzeria | Richmond | London

What do you do with a former Police Station? You turn it into a Pizzeria of course - the particular type of restaurant where you can mainly consume pizzas, but in which it is often also possible to find other types of dishes. That includes using the freshest ingredients (even training their UK cheese supplier how to make the pizza mozzarella) with organic and bio-dynamic wine if you are Franco Manca. I discovered bio-dynamic or Bio wine is different from organic wine in that it takes the process further by using phases of the moon and other astronomical influences. Go figure.

They've done a great job of transforming Richmond's old Police station, next to the Odeon theatre on Red Lion Street although there's no sign of any cells down below. The restaurant itself is spacious and has a modern open feel to it. It was busy when we got there at 6pm mid week, but we were welcomed into a separate area for which we could try different foods and learn about making the sourdough.

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Monica Galetti, chef and co-owner of Mere with her husband David (who is also a respected sommelier), have opened their first restaurant in Fitzrovia, London. Mere Restaurant had no soft launch, and had only been trading five days when we visited this weekend. Trying to secure any weekend bookings now will prove impossible as tables are already taken for the next three months. It is no surprise considering the calibre of cooking involved.

Being a fellow kiwi, I have followed Galetti's career since coming to the UK and Monica has quite a cult following after starring on BBC's Master Chef - The Professionals Series, as a judge alongside her mentor, Michel Roux Jnr. Galetti trained with Roux Jnr at the iconic two Michelin star restaurant, Le Gavroche in London.

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